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Design Professional and Beautiful Website and Online Shop

All owners of large and small businesses, commercial and commercial companies and stores need to design a website to develop their work and introduce their services and goods in the big world of the Internet. MYLiAN Group with years of experience and design of various sites and sometimes online sales and cooperation with reputable companies and collections can provide these services for you with ease.

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Web Design

We will use our skills and expertise to create a beautiful and functional website according to your needs

Mobile Application

Design a suitable application for Android phones so that customers can easily communicate with you


Make sure your name shines on the first page of related searches and finds your real customers


MYLiAN Group started its activities in 2008 in the field of professional website design, web hosting and web advertising. Then in 2011 in order to integrate the brand and integrate the needs of its customers, added a huge range of services in the form of digital marketing and web branding to its services. MYLiAN is now proud to announce that with an experienced and professional team with +100 examples of online website and application design work, a pioneer in providing complete branding, marketing and web advertising services including a huge range of solutions Digital and modern to meet the needs of customers. The world of marketing is constantly changing, and the mixed nature of MYLiAN marketing provides the steps you need to take to advance your business toward your goals.

Web Design
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Online Shop
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Mobile Application
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Some Portfolio

سایت خبری نصیر
Nasir Bushehr Weekly
ستاد نماز جماعت
Bushehr Prayer
سایت خبری نصیر
Makarem Trading Co
فروشگاه اینترنتی جزیره ای تی
Jazire Online Store
دانشگاه شهرداری بوشهر
Bushehr City University
Fars Trading Co
شرکت آسانسوری ایمن آسان بر لیان
Bushehr Elevator Co
فروشگاه اینترنتی توگوشیت
Togoshit online store

Android Application Design

Dedicated applications that are programmed according to the customer's order and according to the customer's wishes, and all of these application models are designed according to the customer's request and according to the customer's taste. It will also be delivered to customers.

Project Steps


Needs Assessment

A professional website design company must have the right mechanism to receive the complete and perfect customer needs in the beginning. A mechanism that not only ensures full feedback and clarification of the real needs of the customer, but also clarifies the dimensions of the project well and eliminates ambiguous points and is documented and organized so that it can be used as a project manifest in the next steps. Web design should be referred to technical colleagues involved in the implementation.


A beautiful site design company should not only be beautiful in its portfolio and make its site beautiful, but also the proposal that it sends to the customer after the needs assessment should be beautiful. In other words, after being properly acquainted with the dimensions of the project as a result of a proper needs assessment, your suggestions, as a specialist in web space and internet marketing and digital branding, in a beautiful and elegant format, with fluent and understandable text. Provide time and cost by determining the boundaries of the project and announcing the exact time.

Content First

A website design company with SEO, which can deliver a site with high SEO to the customer, must make a significant effort to collect the original content, extract information from the customer's mind, get the right photos and videos and appropriate multimedia Be. In other words, the cornerstone of SEO is content, and since the design company can not insert irrelevant content on the site, this is completely tied to receiving the full original content of the site.

Information Architecture

A creative website design company, after receiving the full content, before entering the project and starting the implementation without thinking, must inform the project about the architecture. A sensitive and completely technical and engineering stage in which an experienced person with an in-depth look at the goals of the client project, with full knowledge of the project details, tries to become more familiar with the client's job in a research process, to know domestic and international colleagues and competitors. Review their content, conduct keyword research in the field to provide a comprehensive overview of site structure, pages, navigation, and page layout. A document that we call project architecture.

This is where our main work begins


A professional, unstudied graphic design company does not design a site template. Rather, based on the results of research extracted in the previous stages, the graphic designer staff of the graphic design company begin. The company sends the present design and graphics to the customer and asks for his opinions and makes changes in the theme according to the customer's wishes. Of course, the best graphic design company is someone who, if in the customer's opinion, it was something that was due to his low technical literacy and doing what he wanted, would lead to damage page loading speed, uniformity on all browsers, responsive site, etc. should disagree with the customer and explain to him benevolently why they should not make such a change in theme.

Quality Control

Checking the quality of the site and testing the quality of the site and checking the quality of the site services is an important stage of the project. It is not possible for a reputable web design company to hand over a site to a customer without once having quality control. Because the customer's taste becomes bitter and he has the right to be upset. It is advisable for the design company to carefully and obsessively examine all the details of the project before releasing the project. Site testing on different browsers, responsiveness test on different devices, mobiles and tablets, site loading speed test and other tests.



Reputable web design companies do not deliver the website to the customer with an email. Rather, by spending time and fancy, during a simultaneous online communication and remote presentation, it delivers the site to the customer step by step, page by page and in detail, highlighting the features and arts used in each page. Counts, shows him the admin panel and gives him the username and password and the necessary video tutorials so that he can work with the site in the future without any worries. A reputable website design company performs the final delivery of the project with complete artistry and charm.

Start a long friendship ...


A website support company, which claims to provide quality services in the support unit, knows that the most important part of customer service is not its web design, which only takes several weeks, but the support that is supposed to last for several years. The goal of the site support company should be customer availability, quick response, problem solving ability, the ability to properly guide the customer and provide supportive services compassionately so that water does not move in the customer's heart and he can use the site without any worries.

Customer Satisfaction

Pikano application Manager

Hamidreza Iranpour

MYLiAN Group has been very careful and skilled in designing and producing the Pikano application and has satisfied me completely. They have also answered all the various questions and issues throughout the day.

Bushehr Lift Manager

Mr. Ghanbari

I recommend working with MYLiAN Collection to friends who are looking for a professional group with professional behavior and creative advice to improve their business. I hope that the success of this group in undertaking various national projects will not reduce the quality of MYLiAN's services.

Dr. Raisi - Karisan website

What motivated us to continue the project and entrust the project to the MYLiAN Collection was the professional behavior of the manager and staff of the collection and their accuracy and orderliness in answering questions and ambiguities. We already had bitter experiences working with some technology companies, but the excellent cooperation of MYLiAN Group changed this mentality.

Javad Heydari - HavijMarket site

The site and application that we received from MYLiAN Group after a period of project back and forth was very different from our original raw idea. If you are looking to work with a team that welcomes expert advice and pure ideas for growing your business, my first suggestion is MYLiANGroup.


Other Services

Logo Design

Content production

Social Networks


MYLiAN Group with specialized and professional staff and carrying out more than one hundred successful projects in various fields, as well as cooperation with departments, organizations and large companies and the will of free solutions and specialized consultations with more than 10 years of experience in the field of design Website, programming, advertising in Iran province is always trying to develop the business of its customers and be satisfied with the cooperation with this group

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